Episode 07: Memories

On this blast from the past edition of B-Side, we explore memory – what sparks it, how it works, and what happens when it breaks down.  This show originally aired on KALX in Berkeley in April 2002.

Liner Notes:

The Science of Memory: Mia Lobel
We all know we have memories, but how much do we really understand about how they work? B-side’s Mia Lobel talked with neuroscientists who are trying unravel the tricky science of memory.

Disney Memories: Amy Scott
What we remember can be real or imaginary – or somewhere in between. For B-side’s Amy Scott, reality and imagination come together in a certain place.

Alzheimer’s: Lyssa Mudd
If memories make us who we are, then what happens when people start to forget? Alzheimer’s disease is reaching epidemic proportions. And it doesn’t just affect the people who have it.

Writing on the Wall: Sarah Neal
Objects like old letters and t-shirts have an uncanny ability to trigger our memories. Commentator Sarah Neal tells us how certain objects – either kept or left behind – help her keep her connection to the past.

Adonistu and the Rejectoids: Dave Gilson
We’ve all done things we’d rather forget – or at least keep hidden from public scrutiny. But as B-Side’s Dave Gilson found out, when part of your past is captured on tape, there’s no escaping it.

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