Episode 73-74: Boundaries

In this two-part edition of B-Side from March and May of 2010, Rob Sachs and Tamara Keith venture out in the rain to try and find the historic Mason-Dixon Line. Along the way we hear about

Episode 72: Found

Charla Bear and Tamara Keith continue trying to find their way home. They reach civilization, only to realize they still have no idea where they are. On this October 2009 edition of B-Side, we’re

Episode 71: Lost

On this edition of B-Side from September 2009, Tamara Keith and Charla Bear get lost on purpose. They are dropped off in a mysterious suburban location and have to find their way back to

Episode 70: Learning the Hard Way

This July 2009 edition of B-Side is about a group of people struggling to learn, to make it in college. And we’re not talking about the usual too many units not enough time kind

Episode 66-69: Neighbors

In this four-part B-Side series from December 2008 to March 2009, host Tamara Keith moves into a new house and introduces us to some unconventional neighborhoods. Also, what happens when a fence falls down, or

Episode 64-65: Authority

In this two-part edition of B-Side from September and October of 2008, host Tamara Keith rides through the streets of Sacramento with a police officer and finds people have varying levels of respect for

Episode 63: Summer

A cure for the dog days of summer, this August 2008 edition of B-Side brings you the best of the season of watermelon and warm nights.