Episode 22: Potluck

Grab a chicken kabob and a beer, find a sunny spot to sit and kick back for B-Side’s end of summer potluck (which originally aired in September 2003). It’s a veritable smorgasbord of quirky

Episode 21: Battlefields at Home

This episode first aired in August 2003. Here’s how we described it at the time: With so much focus on conflict in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and now Liberia, it’s easy to overlook the battles we

Episode 20: Going Somewhere, Going Nowhere

As the saying goes – it’s not the destination – it’s the journey. On this episode of B-Side from May 2003, we bring you stories of personal journeys. This episode was hosted by Mia Lobel.

B-Side’s History, One Tweet At a Time

B-Side’s Tamara Keith took to twitter to tell the story of this scrappy little show that was podcasting before podcasting even existed.

Episode 19: Messages from Family

Messages from the past, messages from the present, and messages from family… the treasured words and mementos exchanged between loved ones. Originally released in April 2003.   Liner Notes 1,000 Postcards: Rene Gutel Rene’s

Episode 18: Books

Whether you’re into science fiction or fantasy, romance or historical analysis, books are the way in. In this episode of B-Side from March 2003, we hear stories about people with a passion for the

Episode 17: What’s In a Name?

We have it from the day we’re born until the day we die. It may change, but it’s always with us in one form or another. On this edition of B-side from February 2003, we