Episode 13: Extreme Sports

On this episode, B-Side goes EXTREME with stories about sports that you won’t find at the Olympics or the X-Games for that matter, any time soon. To get in the mood, the B-side crew

Episode 12: Caught on Tape

This episode first aired in October 2002 and it is by far one of our favorites.  The show won a Silver Reel from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters – quite an honor. Please

Episode 11: Transportation

On this episode of B-Side from September 2002, we bring you stories about transportation and the sometimes unusual ways we get from place to place.  We’re calling this one: You are What You Drive.

Episode 10: Going Home

On this edition of B-Side from August 2002, stories about going home – what home means, how home feels, and how home can change. Liner Notes: O Fallon, Illinois: Judson True Re porter Judson

Episode 09: Pets

This show originally aired in June 2002.  The theme was “pets” though in reality this should have been called the “dead pets” show.  It includes some B-Side classics and some really touching stories about