B-Side: Family

B-Side’s Tamara Keith meets up with her younger brother, Donovan, at a family fun center to play some ski ball and talk about family. From birth to beyond the grave, this edition of B-Side explores our relationships with the people we’re tied to by blood and shared history.


Liner Notes:

“Ebert Whipple” Sarah Neal:
Sarah’s grandfather left behind a volume of messages – and listening to them has helped her understand a man she hardly knew before he died.

“Esselen” John Peabody:
This piece is about connecting with even more distant relatives. John Peabody introduces us to a woman who is learning the language of her ancestors.

“Baby Max” Sarah Baughn:
Getting to the birth of baby Max too B-Side’s Sarah Baugn on a surprising journey – where she had to deal with gestational diabetes, pre-term labor, and 5 weeks of bed rest before getting to the big day. Sarah takes us along for the ride.

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