Episode 02: Revolution

This was B-Side’s second episode.  At the time, we were all living in or near Berkeley and that city certainly shaped this show.  It was also put together in the weeks immediately following 9/11 and that had an impact as well. From Esperanto diehards to high-school idealists and Punjabi separatist taxi drivers, we bring you a show about revolutionaries in our midst.

Liner Notes:

Free Writing: Mia Lobel
The assignment: write for 15 minutes straight. The topic: revolution.  The thoughts of high school students in Mia Lobel’s creative writing class.

Peace in a Time of War: Tamara Keith
With more than 90-percent of the country coming out in support of the war against terrorism, we look at how the peace movement is trying to sway public opinion.

One Woman Revolution: Katy Shrout
You’ve probably seen her on the freeways. You might think she’s a maniac, but in fact, Katy Shrout is a revolutionary.

Free Khalistan: Lyssa Mudd
The “Free Khalistan” movement is alive and well on the streets of Berkeley, but how’s it doing in Punjab?

Saluton, Amikoj: Dave Gilson
Esperanto, an artificial language created 80 years ago as a way of fostering international understanding and of course, world peace, never really caught on, but there are still some diehard esperantists out there, including a bunch in the East Bay.

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