Episode 14: Freaks and Geeks

Everyone has a hidden side – a side that’s a little bit different. On this episode of B-Side from November 2002 – we meet some people who don’t keep their eccentricities a secret.

Liner Notes:

Coney Island: Caitlyn Kim
It used to be that the term freak was used to describe people who were physically different. Some of them ended up as circus attractions, labeled “sideshow freaks” whether they liked it or not. But when Caitlyn Kim went to New York’s Coney Island, she found that the sideshow freaks of today have a little more say in the matter.

Cockettes: Peter Crimmins
At the height of their popularity in the early ’70s, the Cockettes set the standard for wild and exotic behavior in Northern California and beyond, but these days, the performance troupe’s stars have settled into a somewhat mellower lifestyle. Peter Crimmins has the story.

Ray’s Skulls: Rose Hoban
Ray Bandar collects skulls from dead animals for fun. Rose Hoban introduces us to this man with a hobby that’s part science, part obsession – you could say he’s part freak and part geek.

Bridge: Sarah Neal
Sarah tells us about her young, modern, underground scene of bridge players. Yep, you read that right, she plays bridge…and she’s still decades from joining the AARP.