Episode 37: Personal Space

On this edition of B-side we’re talking about personal space — you know… that invisible hula hoop that floats around your waist… that boundary we all have between us and the world… well, MOST of us have it anyway. Originally aired in May 2005.


Liner Notes

Baby Space Invaders: Sarah Baughn
What if someone walked right up to you, big smile on their face, and started caressing your head? And then when you get uncomfortable and start to squirm — they stick their finger in your mouth. This kind of situation actually happens all the time. But because the people it happens to are babies, no one thinks it’s weird or bad…except, of course, lots and lots of mothers — like Sarah Baughn.

The Potty: Rob Sachs
Men have their own boundaries…and in some locations, those boundaries are bright and clear, as Rob Sachs found out.

Ralph’s Space:¬†Chana Joffe-Walt
What if you didn’t have a home to go to at night? B-side producer Chana Joffe-Walt followed one homeless man to see what kind of personal space he could find on the streets of Seattle.

Evil Cell Phone Talkers: Rich Bartlebaugh 
Rich Bartlebaugh doesn’t have a cell phone, so he finds it particularly annoying when he has to listen to other people’s cell phone conversations. In Rich’s view, those ‘cell phone people’ are intruding on his personal space.

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