Episode 15: Family

Ahhh family. As they say on Cheers, “can’t live with ’em, pass the beer nuts.” This December 2002 edition of B-Side was all about family, built from the archives.

Liner Notes

Mr. Fix It Dad: Mia Lobel
B-Side’s Mia Lobel went home to New York over the holidays last year to talk with her dad, who can fix anything, about his obsession with tinkering.

Naked Relatives: Tamara Keith
Tamara’s aunt and uncle came on hard times, and found that they could save money by living in a nudist colony.

Disney Memories: Amy Scott
What we remember can be real or imaginary – or somewhere in between. For Amy Scott, reality and imagination come together in a certain place.

Remembering: Noam Birnbaum
B-side’s Noam Birnbaum grew up just blocks away from the World Trade Center, and though he has since moved away, he still feels a deep connection with the place. In trying to sort out the events of the fall of 2001, Noam took his mother on a walk through his old neighborhood to ask some hard questions about her past. But their conversation about remembering quickly turned into one about forgetting.

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