Episode 32: Fiction

On this edition of B-Side, we walk the fine line between truth and fiction. Mia Lobel hosts. Originally aired in August of 2004.


Liner Notes

Coyle and Sharpe: Dave Gilson
There used to be a simpler time, before reality TV. It was a time when Americans trusted each other and trusted strangers — maybe not enough to marry them on live TV, but enough that when a couple of well-dressed young men approached them and started making crazy suggestions, they never suspected they were part of an elaborate hoax.

Vietdamned: Tamara Keith
Every family has its secrets. The things everyone knows about but no one talks about. For B-Side‘s Tamara Keith, a piece of fiction revealed one of these unspoken bits of family history.

God is Talking to Me: Hans Anderson
For a lot of people, the height of Fiction is believing in God. Others feel nothing could be truer than His existence. Independent producer Hans Anderson falls somewhere in-between, and that, he says, is the worst place to be. He brings us this piece of semi-auto biographical fiction.

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