Episode 38: (Re)Birth

On this edition of B-Side we’re talking about birth, rebirth, reincarnation and a lot of other stuff, too. Host Andrea Seabrook guides us through RE:birth with the help of her mother-in-law, who has lived through it all…in this life and others. Originally aired in July 2005.


Liner Notes

Born Again: Rene Gutel
When Rene Gutel was 15 she was a born again Christian and she had serious scoliosis. She had to wear an icky back brace (see left) to stave off spinal fusion surgery. Then she went to visit her relatives in Oklahoma who introduced her to a pair faith healers.

Reincarnation: Michael Fitzhugh 
Keli Daily wasn’t looking for a new boyfriend when Makio, a quirky French masseuse struck up a conversation with her in a coffee shop. She certainly wasn’t looking for a relationship that would test her faith and force her to think about past lives…but that’s exactly what she got.

Welcome Baby Max: Sarah Baughn 
Giving birth is one of the great unknowns. Even though Sarah Baughn had the birth books, took the classes and talked to friends with children, all she knew for sure is that giving birth would be a mystery. Getting to the birth of baby Max took her on a surprising journey.

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