Episode 39: Baseball, The Hyzdu Diaries

You think of major leaguers pulling in massive salaries – like Barry Bonds or super star Pitcher Curt Schilling – not the man who struggles to make a team, or who struggles to provide for his family while moving from city to city.

On this edition of B-Side we have an audio diary from 2 seasons in the life Adam Hyzdu. Adam is an outfielder, and was picked in the first round of the baseball draft back in 1990, fresh out of high school. In his 15-year baseball career, Adam has played in about 1400 minor league games.

For players like Adam who are on the edge of major league career, spring training, is like a month-long audition. We join Adam as he prepares for spring training in 2004 with the Boston Red Sox. He’s hoping to make the opening day roster something he’s never done before. Originally aired in August 2005.



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