Episode 44: The Life Crepuscular, Dusk

In zoology, crepuscular refers to animals becoming active at twilight or before sunrise, like bats and certain insects and birds. On this edition of B-side we explore dusk. Originally aired in February 2006.


Liner Notes

Magic Hour: Learka Bosnak
It is approaching the magic hour before dusk when all things are related. Walter Anderson said that. He was a southern artist. Photographers know what he was talking about. And so do the people who make movies. They say the light in the sky at this time of day is both unique and necessary to doing their work.

Lighting the Empire State Building: David Johns
Around dusk most nights, New York’s tallest skyscraper – the Empire State Building – turns colors. Some nights it’s red, white and blue. Other nights it blushes pink. As you might guess, it’s no small feat to light up a 100-story building. The thing is 200 times as tall as your average Christmas tree. Dave Johns met the man who runs the wires behind New York City’s Tower Lights.

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