B-Side: Boundaries Part 2

B-Side’s Tamara Keith and Rob Sachs continue their search for the Mason-Dixon Line, discovering that this historic boundary isn’t all that well marked.  As they search, the B-Side Crew explores personal boundaries.

Liner Notes:

Baby Space: Sarah Neal
Sarah says having a kid is like the ultimate invasion of personal boundaries. And it really doesn’t stop with the pregnancy like we all might imagine. Sarah and her husband Brent are the proud parents of Max, and they wouldn’t change it for anything. But Sarah says it has been more challenging than she expected.

Doggie Boundaries: Cathy Duchamp
Cathy explores what happens when you don’t set boundaries with your pets.  Hint: the dogs rule the house.

Miss Manners: Catherine Spangler
For this next story, we’re going to meet someone who is a master at maintaining boundaries, the invisible boundaries we all follow to get along in society.  Mrs. DeGroot knows the indispensable rules for life, and she wants to make sure that you know them, too. Catherine takes us to her impeccable home.

Facebook Over Sharing: Abigail Beshkin
Abigail has had a love hate (perhaps love it too much) relationship with facebook.

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