Episode 54: Dads

Golf is the ultimate sport of dads. So in honor of Father’s Day, B-Side‘s Tamara Keith went golfing with her father,
husband and father-in-law. On this edition of the show, we bring you some of our favorite stories about dads. Originally aired in June 2007.


Liner Notes

1000 Postcards: Rene Gutel 
Rene’s dad wanted to keep in touch when she went away to college, so he sent her a postcard. And then another, and another, and another.

Vietdamned: Tamara Keith
Every family has its secrets. The things everyone knows about but no one talks about. For B-Side’s Tamara Keith, a piece of fiction revealed one of these unspoken bits of family history.

Dad Humor: David Johns 
Why do dads tell such bad jokes? Probably mostly because they can… because after all, they’re the dad, and everyone else in the family pretty much has to listen. Or maybe there’s some kind of evolutionary explanation for the dinner table ritual. Maybe telling bad jokes is a way for the breadwinner to ensure his kids don’t get too comfortable feeding at the family trough. Whatever the reason, there’s more than ample evidence to document the phenomenon. Here’s B-Side contributor Dave Johns.

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