B-Side: Found

Charla Bear and Tamara Keith continue trying to find their way home.  They reach civilization, only to realize they still have no idea where they are.  On this edition of B-Side, we’re finding ourselves.

Liner Notes:

Finding People: Dan Bobkoff
Have you ever had a cool experience of running into someone in an unexpected place?  Dan Bobkoff says it happens to him all the time in the most unlikely of places. New York City.  He calculates the odds of these chance encounters.

Finding Yourself, an Interview with Adam Roberts
Today Adam Roberts is a food blogger, the man behind the incredibly popular Amateur Gourmet. He has a show on Food 2 and wrote the book: The Amateur Gourmet: How to Shop, Chop, and Table Hop Like a Pro. But there was a time, not that long ago when he was lost…not physically, but metaphysically in Law School. He talks about how he changed his career and found his true calling. Special thanks to Jody Avirgan for recording the interview.

If you want the recipe for Adam’s Janet Jackson Breast Cupcakes, click here.

Addicted to Junk: Mwende Hahesy
You can get a real thrill from an unexpected find.  Some people get hooked on that feeling and look in unexpected places to keep it going. Reporter Mwende Hahesy introduces us to a man who finds his thrills at storage unit auctions.

The Wren’s Nest: Katy Shrout
Our last story is about the author of the Brer Rabbit book. You might know the story from the Disney movie Song of the South…and the ride at Disneyland Splash Mountain. Well, it has quite a back story complicated by issues of race. Katy Shrout has the story of the great great grandson of the author and what he’s found as he explores his family’s legacy.

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