B-Side: Games and Nerds Part 1

We started out putting together a show we were planning to call “Nerd Alert.” But soon we realized that most of our stories were really about games…nerdy games, but games nonetheless. So, B-Side’s Tamara Keith went to the E For All video game convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center in search of both games and nerds. They weren’t hard to find.

Liner Notes:

“A Disturbance in the Force” Aaron Henkin:
The online multi-player game Star Wars Galaxies can be rather addictive. Aaron Henkin has a story of someone who got in too deep.

“Duck Hunt Gun” David Shurtleff:
Remember that old Nintendo game Duck Hunt? It turns out the gun didn’t quite operate in the way it seemed. David Shurtleff went on a quest to understand the Duck Hunt gun.

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