B-Side: Holiday Special

On this edition of B-Side, Tamara Keith and Erika Kelly visit Union Square in San Francisco and find it filled with holiday cheer – and a couple of hundred intoxicated people dressed as Santa.  And the B-Side Radio crew brings you stories of holiday cooking, shopping, tree hunting and charity gone awry.

Liner Notes:

Learning to Make Latkes: Tamara Keith
It turns out making latkes the right way doesn’t involve following the family recipe.

Do it Yourself Tree: Ethan Lindsey
Ethan grabs a microphone and a saw and heads out into the woods to chop down his own Christmas tree.

Mom Made Toy: Erika Kelly
Who needs Toys R Us when you can make your son a wooden toy by hand.

I Love You Santa: Scott Gurian
Scott tells us about his father’s attempt to play Santa and what went wrong.

Kindle: Rene Gutel
Rene tells us about her husband’s Christmas present and an ethical dilemna.

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