B-Side: Lost

On this edition of B-Side, Tamara Keith and Charla Bear get lost on purpose.  They are dropped off in a mysterious suburban location and have to find their way back to downtown Washington, DC.  Think of it as a low budget version of one of those survival shows on the Discovery Channel.  The show is all about losing things from a diary to a stream.  Enjoy!

Liner Notes:

Lost Streams: Kristin Espeland
Some things seem easy to lose.  But a stream?  Reporter Kristin Espeland has this story from Appalachia, where residents have seen hundreds of miles of streams disappear under piles of coal mining waste.

Hearing Loss: Judah Leblang
Judah had a life-long connection to the deaf.  Then he lost most of the hearing in his left ear.

Lost Collection: Andrew Walsh
Some things get lost and you barely miss them. But when music reviewer Dave Segal lost a huge chunk of his record collection, he lost part of himself.  Dave wrote about his ordeal here if you’d like to read more.

Dear Diary, Where Are You?: Anna Sachs
A lot of girls when they reach a certain age start keeping a journal, a diary. Anna Sachs had a diary when she was younger and she spoke to Tamara about how she discovered she had lost it.

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