Episode 03: Getting By

On B-Side’s third episode, we looked at how people survive the challenges of every day life and the things they do to get by – financially, emotionally and even linguistically.  Oh, and we visit a nudist resort.  This episode is hosted by Dave Gilson.

Liner Notes:

Getting By Without Sight: Emelie Gunnison
Spend an afternoon with a woman in Berkeley finding out about the other side of being blind.

Learning English: Ruxandra Guidi
Learning a new language for survival is an entirely different experience than learning it for pleasure. Take a look at learning English the hard way.

Getting By After the Bust: Mia Lobel
While many former dot commers are struggling to adapt to their newly slashed incomes, Mia Lobel says you can’t miss what you never had to begin with.

From Welfare to UC Berkeley: Claudine Zap
Meet a woman who came to Cal after being on welfare and out of school for 20 years. Now she’s bringing her experiences into the classroom.

A Vow of Poverty: Lyssa Mudd
Brother Brain Delessey is a twenty-six year old Catholic priest in training.

Getting By Without Clothes: Tamara Keith
Sometimes getting by requires a radical change of lifestyle. That’s what happened to some relatives of B-side crewmember Tamara Keith.

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