Episode 33: Jobs

Forget the butcher the baker and the candlestick maker, this time on B-Side we bring you the zoo keeper, the Elvis impersonator, and the ballerino. Originally aired in October 2004.

Liner Notes

Zoo Keeper: Tamara Keith

Hair Cutter: Rose Hoban

The Button Man: Lyssa Mudd
There are a lucky few who get to turn their passion into a career. For Vince Sortelli, that passion is buttons. He’s the proprietor of Exclusive Buttons in El Cerrito, California, and he likes to brag he’s got over 4 million of them.

Indoor Rock Climbing Course Setter: Erika Kelly

Farm Worker: Amy Coombs

Legislative Side Jobs: Tamara Keith
B-Side’s Tamara Keith found two Ohio legislators filling up their part time schedules with jobs that you wouldn’t expect from the suit and tie crowd.

Scientist: Amy Coombs

Ballerino: Ben Temchine

Crime Scene Cleaners: Molly Peterson
Death, dismemberment, decomposition: for most people they’re too disgusting to think about. But a select few look them in the eye every day‚Ķ then they clean ’em, bag ’em up, and dispose of the waste. Molly Peterson brings us the gory story of crime scene cleaners.

Stay at Home Mom: Amy Coombs

Elvis Impersonator: Adam Allington
In the town of Kittery, Maine there’s a police officer who’s just as likely to wear a rhinestone jumpsuit as his uniform blues. Producer Adam Allington brings us this profile of the cop who would be king.

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