Episode 05: Little Things

In this ripped from the archives edition of B-Side we learn all about little things – everything from baby carrots, to pint-sized rock stars. We’ll also learn about what it’s like to shop for clothing in the kids section as an adult, and hear about the preemie ward at Oakland Children’s Hospital. This episode originally aired in March 2002.

Liner Notes:

Baby Carrots: Tamara Keith
They’re sweet, they’re crunchy, and they come conveniently packaged and ready to eat at any supermarket – but have you even thought about where baby carrots come from?

Small Sailors: Katy Shrout
Katy Shrout spends a lot of time with the grade school crowd as part of her job working for the Age of Sail program at Hyde Street Pier in San Francisco. She introduces us to a crew of small sailors.

Shopping Small: Claudine Zap
B-side essayist, Claudine Zap, found a simple solution to her little size problem and went from a size two to a size 12 without gaining an ounce. All she had to do was start shopping in the kids section.

Preemie Ward: Emelie Gunnison
Emelie Gunnison visited the preemie ward at Oakland Children’s Hospital with one of its many volunteers.

Rock Stars: Dave Gilson
B-side crew member Dave Gilson met some local musicians who are well on their way to hitting it big. The Moss Brothers have a combined age of twenty-nine and they’ve already appeared on MTV and jammed with members of Metallica. Please note, this story originally aired in 2002, so these kids are pretty much all grown up now.

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