Episode 20: Going Somewhere, Going Nowhere

As the saying goes – it’s not the destination – it’s the journey. On this episode of┬áB-Side from May 2003, we bring you stories of personal journeys. This episode was hosted by Mia Lobel.

Liner Notes:

Destination Walmart: Dave Gilson
It’s not the most scenic spot in the world, but for many people, Walmart parking lots have become a destination. Dave Gilson met some RV owners who spend their nights roughing it Walmart style.

Motorcycle Mamas: Claudine Zap
Claudine’s sister rode her motorcycle across the country. But Claudine didn’t get the real story until much later.

Foreign Correspondent: Caitlyn Kim
Caitlyn dropped everything and went halfway around the world in pursuit of her dream job. But her dreams didn’t exactly become a reality.

Pharmaco: Gabriel Spitzer
When Aaron Ziobrowski enrolled in a pharmaceutical drug study he had visions of easy money and plenty of time to work on his art. But he found that there’s a certain kind of person who can make it in the isolated environment of these studies, and it wasn’t him.

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