Episode 17: What’s In a Name?

We have it from the day we’re born until the day we die. It may change, but it’s always with us in one form or another. On this edition of┬áB-side from February 2003, we ask: what’s in a name?

Liner Notes

Mangled Names: Rose Hoban
After a while, our name becomes who we are, and maybe that’s why we get so upset when our names get mispronounced? Rose Hoban spoke with some people who frequently get their names mangled.

How Do You Say Noam?: Noam Birnbaum
Noam’s name is so unusual, even he doesn’t know how to pronounce it.

Greg Smithsimon: Dave Gilson
Sometimes having a simple name can be as difficult as having an unusual one. This is the story of Greg Smith and how he got his new name.

Finding Her Name: Yahaira Castro
Yahaira has never found her name printed on a mug, a pen or key chain, but she keeps looking.

Nathaniel: Jill Krauss
Jill brings us the story of a former girlfriend who is going through the process of becoming a man. Part of that transition is getting others to use his new name.

Band Names: Matt McCleskey
A band name needs to have just the right tone. Something that’s simple, and catchy. Matt McClesky has some experience trying to come up with the perfect band name and he has this advice.

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