Episode 18: Books

Whether you’re into science fiction or fantasy, romance or historical analysis, books are the way in. In this episode of B-Side from March 2003, we hear stories about people with a passion for the page.

Liner Notes

Shedrick: Ruxandra Guidi
There are millions of adults across the country who can’t read. Only a fraction of them ever learn how. Ruxandra Guidi brings us this story of a fifty-three year-old man who’s just learning to read for the first time.

Books as Furniture: Peter Crimmins
In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, books are routinely destroyed with fire – reducing them to ashes. Berkeley artist Jim Roseneau also changes the nature of books, but not quite in the same way. Peter Crimmins has this profile.

Check out Roseneau’s work: www.thisintothat.com

Betsey – Tacy: Emelie Gunnison
For some people, books broaden horizons – even change lives. For other people, books become an obsession. Emelie Gunnison tells us about a group of people whose lives revolve around a series of children’s books. And her sister is one of them.

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