Episode 08: All Over the Map

It seems after 7 months of producing B-Side, we were ready for a break.  This episode of B-Side pulls together some of our favorite stories from past shows. It first aired in June 2002.

Liner Notes:

Parking Meters: Tamara Keith
Anyone who’s parked in Berkeley has seen them – meters flashing fail, fail, fail. A recent study found that about 80 percent of these failing meters aren’t broken, but jammed, by vandals.

Mr. Fix it Dad: Mia Lobel
Mia’s dad is one of those amazing people who can fix anything.  She went home to New York over the holidays to talk with him about his obsession with tinkering.

Curly Hair: Claudine Zap
Essayist Claudine Zap recently went to the salon for a trim but she got much more than she’d bargained for.

Free Khalistan: Lyssa Mudd
In India, the struggle for Khalistan has all but petered out. But in the Untied States — and here in the East Bay — this revolutionary movement is alive and well.

Esperanto: Dave Gilson
Esperanto is an artificial language that combines pieces of Spanish, French, Italian and a few other languages into a single language designed to promote world peace. The only problem is that it never really caught on.

Speed Dating: Gavin Tachibana
Looking for love in a hurry?  Speed dating might just be the answer.

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