Episode 23: California State Fair

In October 2003 B-Side took its listeners to the California State Fair. We filled up on fried foods, rode some rides, and played some games. But that’s not all – we also went to the races and actually witnessed the miracle of life. And, man, we had fun! This episode was hosted by Mia Lobel.

Liner Notes:

The Rides: Sarah Neal-Estes
Sarah gets a behind the scenes tour of the fair’s stomach-churning metal contraptions (otherwise known as carnival rides) from a man whose family has been in the carnival business for three generations.

Fried Food Science: Erika Kelly
It seems like every food stand here sells something fried. And we’re not just talking about French fries and onion rings. The folks that prepare carnival food have taken deep-frying to new heights.

The Miracle of Life: Dave Gilson and Lyssa (Mudd) Rome
One of the fair’s most popular attractions is the baby animal tent, which is home to dozens of newborn animals. Most of them are just days, even hours old. And if you stick around long enough, you might just see a baby cow being born before your very eyes.

Doxie Derby: Tamara Keith
There are plenty of thoroughbred horse races here at the fair but Tamara is drawn to a different breed.

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