Episode 27: Sound Portraits

Here at B-side the tape is always rolling, but sometimes, the most interesting sounds we collect end up on the cutting room floor. This timeĀ on B-side, sounds that didn’t make the cut. Originally aired in January 2004. Hosted by Mia Lobel.


Liner Notes

Free Falling: Peter Crimmins
Peter recently did a story for a public radio show called Studio 360 that involved some sounds you don’t hear everyday. Mia interviewed him about his experience.

Chocolate: Rene Gutel
This piece comes from Hershey Pennsylvania, chocolate capitol of the world. Producer Rene Gutel sent this audio postcard.

Musk Ox: Sarah Neal
Alaskan musk oxen are the subject of this next audio portrait. Sarah Neal was introduced to a whole herd of them at the Musk Ox Farm in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Bugs: Gabriel Spitzer
Gabriel Spitzer recently had a run-in with the animal world in Japan.

Ondar: Dave Gilson
Dave Gilson recorded the amazing sounds of Tuvan throat singer Ondar.

Princess Song: Hank Sims
This is another bit of sound that made us stop in our tracks. It was sent to us by Hank Simms.

Burning Man: Jeff Chorney
Every summer an enormous crowd gathers in the Nevada desert for Burning Man, a visual feast of art, indulgence, and fire. Jeff Chorney went to burning man last Labor Day Weekend and put together this sound montage.

Fire: Tamara Keith
The immense wildfires in southern California this past fall reminded us all that fire is a force of destruction. B-Side’s Tamara Keith was sent to the heart of the fires to report on the damage.

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