Episode 42: Piece of Cake

Have you ever started out on a project thinking it will be easy, only to find that it’s way more difficult than you could have ever expected? On this edition of B-Side, host Andrea Seabrook and the B-Side Crew bring you an assortment of ‘piece of cake’ moments. Originally aired in December 2005.


Liner Notes

American Idol: Claudine Zap
B-Side contributor Claudine Zap loves to sing. She’s had professional training and was in top notch choirs as a kid. But Karaoke, the musical stage in a box – was something she had never done. She wanted to get in touch with her inner rock star, and discovered it’s actually much harder than it looks. In a dark private karaoke lounge she takes us through her first experience behind the mic with 10 of her close friends.

Bald: John Tynan
Male pattern baldness. It strikes a lot of guys, and they deal with it in all different ways. There’s the comb over, the permanent hat, and the guys who shave their heads. They make it look so good, so easy. When John Tynan went to shave his head for the first time it didn’t go as he had planned, at all.

Breastfeeding: Sarah Baughn
Like falling off a log, right? Isn’t breastfeeding your baby supposed to be that easy? It’s what breasts are made for. But the dirty little secret of motherhood is that it’s hard. So many women struggle to feed those hungry little babies. New moms Erika Kelly, Christine Ayers and Elizabeth Friedman Branoff give us a taste of the hardships of breastfeeding.

Piece of Cake: Anna Cranage Conathan
How easy is it to resist temptation. Buying the 10 lb. bag of chocolate chips and saying you’ll only have a serving once a week…..right. About as likely as staying on a diet during the holidays. And it’s even harder if the object of your desire, wants you too…listen in with us on Anna Cranage Conathan’s late night conversations.

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