Episode 46: Taboo

B-Side‘s Andrea Seabrook and friends visit the Leather Rack, an adult accessories store, to talk about taboos. Originally aired in April 2006.


Liner Notes

The Naked Relatives: Tamara Keith
B-side’s Tamara Keith is pretty modest. The same isn’t true for her aunt and uncle who like to let it all hang out.

Dumpster Diving: Dave Gilson
Trash is gross. Checking out the contents of a dumpster is certainly not the kind of thing you do in the light of day. Talk about taboo. But the people in our next story say you could actually save and even make some money if you don’t mind sneaking around in the middle of the night and picking through trash. B-side’s Dave Gilson presents the art of dumpster diving, for fun and profit.

Book Vandals: Peter Crimmins
Aside from throwing away photographs, one of the most painful things has to be throwing away a book. For this very reason Public libraries often have to throw away their books in secret, usually at night. Destroying or discarding books makes library patrons uncomfortable. And yet, libraries do it all the time. But a few years ago the San Francisco Public Library made a very public display of the destruction of their books, and people applauded.

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