Episode 11: Transportation

On this episode of B-Side from September 2002, we bring you stories about transportation and the sometimes unusual ways we get from place to place.  We’re calling this one: You are What You Drive.

Liner Notes:

Family Minivan: Tamara Keith
Tamara Keith has the story of one family trying to make the best of a bad commute by turning car time into quality time.

Meter Maid: Mia Lobel
On Mia’s search to understand why bad tickets happen to good people, she found Blanca Montoya who showed her what its like to be a much reviled meter maid.

Scooter Shopping: Peter Crimminsvespa
For Peter Crimmins finding a method of transportation was a lesson in self-discovery.

Amy the Hearse Queen: Lyssa Mudd
Amy Shanafeldt drives her hearse everywhere – to the mall, to the grocery store, to the doctor. Hearses are her life.

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