Episode 21: Battlefields at Home

This episode first aired in August 2003. Here’s how we described it at the time: With so much focus on conflict in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and now Liberia,┬áit’s easy to overlook the battles we are fighting here in our own backyards. B-Side’s Mia Lobel and Tamara Keith play paintball as Mia introduces the stories.

Liner Notes:

Reenacting the Bad Guys: Dave Gilson
B-Side’s Dave Gilson signed up to be an embedded reporter- not with the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq, but with a group of World War Two reenactors.

Veteran Experience: Lyssa Mudd
More than fifty years after the end of the Korean War, many veterans are still dealing with the effects of frostbite and other cold related injuries. Lyssa Mudd has this profile of one veteran.

Hollywood Does War: Gabriel Spitzer
The Army and Hollywood have teamed up to train soldiers in elaborate simulators using the kind of realism you get in a good war movie or video game. Gabriel Spitzer introduces us to their latest project.

East Oakland Battlefield: Youth Radio
The homicide rate in Oakland continues to climb and many of the people who are dying are teenagers. Youth Radio, a media training organization based in Berkeley, documented the words of young residents in street corner conversations in East Oakland, the neighborhood where much of the violence takes place.

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