Episode 22: Potluck

Grab a chicken kabob and a beer, find a sunny spot to sit and kick back for B-Side’s end of summer potluck (which originally aired in September 2003). It’s a veritable smorgasbord of quirky stories from both coasts, Alaska, and one producer’s drawer of unmentionables. This episode was hosted by Mia Lobel.

Liner Notes:

Geocache Rally: Caitlyn Kim
Recently, Caitlyn decided to try geocaching, a sport where hikers armed with GPS devices take a walk in the woods searching for hidden loot. Not content to try and find one cache, Caitlyn took park in the Southern New Hampshire Geocache Rally, a day-long hi-tech scavenger hunt.

The Proper Foundation: Claudine Zap
From buried treasure to hidden…um, well… undergarments. A commentary from Claudine Zap about what really lies beneath the decision to get married.

Underground Oasis: Tamara Keith
Tamara found an unlikely tourist destination hiding virtually in her backyard. She brings us along on this tour of the Forestiere Underground Gardens in Fresno.

North Pole, Alaska: Sarah Neal
There’s one place way up north where the season’s just don’t matter. There, it’s Christmas 24-7 all year round. Sarah Neal takes us to North Pole Alaska.

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