Episode 26: Holiday Potluck

As is our tradition for these holiday shows, we have a potluck of stories for you from our past adventures in radio. In this mix, which originally aired in December of 2003, you’ll hear what it’s like to be in a long-term drug study, take a trip to North Pole, Alaska, and learn about a new trend in Christmas Tree shopping. Hosted by Mia Lobel


Liner Notes

North Pole, AK: Sarah Neal
There are those who start preparing for the holidays practically after labor day, and others who find the whole Santa thing worn out and over commercialized. B-side’s Sarah Neal was part of the second camp, until she moved to Alaska last summer… and found Christmas in July.

Plastic Prez: Dave Gilson
Looking for the perfect gift for a younger brother or cousin? Tired of Barbie and G-I Joe? May we suggest the Limited Edition George W. Bush Talking Action Figure. Dave Gilson recently went into the studio and produced this encounter with the preprogrammed plastic president.

Pharmaco: Gabriel Spitzer
When Aaron Ziobrowski enrolled in a pharmaceutical drug study he had visions of easy money and plenty of time to work on his art. But he found that there’s a certain kind of person who can make it in the isolated environment of these studies, and it wasn’t him.

Online Trees: Tamara Keith:
This holiday season a lot of us will shop for gifts online. But some people are taking their online holiday shopping to a whole new level, actually buying fresh cut Christmas trees over the web.

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