Episode 34: Sex Ed

When did you learn about it? Did your parents sit you down? Was there a picture book involved…or did you just learn by doing? Did you swear you’d wait ’til marriage? Did you actually wait? This time on B-Side, we’re talking about sex. Originally aired in November 2004.


Liner Notes

Kiki’s Story: Molly Peterson
Keishandra “Kiki” Smith is 20 years old. She’s going against the tide and staying abstinent.

Katrina’s Story: Rene Gutel
Katrina Foe is 28 years old, and teaches pilates in Scottsdale, Arizona. She’s a born-again Christian and a born-again virgin.

Tamara’s Story: Tamara Keith
Tamara Keith is a reporter who grew up in an area where teen pregnancy was epidemic. She went back to the area where she grew up and talked to teen moms.

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