Episode 41: Cut and Paste

On this episode of B-Side, host Andrea Seabrook brings you some of our favorite stories from recent shows. And she finds a pattern… our best pieces always seem to have something to do with how we define ourselves. Originally aired in October 2005.


Liner Notes

Dad Humor: Dave Johns
Why do dads tell such bad jokes? Probably mostly because they can… because after all, they’re the dad, and everyone else in the family pretty much has to listen. Or maybe there’s some kind of evolutionary explanation for the dinner table ritual. Maybe telling bad jokes is a way for the breadwinner to ensure his kids don’t get too comfortable feeding at the family trough. Whatever the reason, there’s more than ample evidence to document the phenomenon. Here’s B-Side contributor Dave Johns.

The Button Man: Lyssa Mudd
There are a lucky few who get to turn their passion into a career. For Vince Sortelli, that passion is buttons. He’s the proprietor of Exclusive Buttons in El Cerrito, California, and he likes to brag he’s got over 4 million of them.

Born Again: Rene Gutel
When Rene Gutel was 15 she was a born again Christian and she had serious scoliosis. She had to wear an icky back brace (see left) to stave off spinal fusion surgery. Then she went to visit her relatives in Oklahoma who introduced her to a pair faith healers.

Lust For Lipstick: Stacy Bond
You might say producer Stacy Bond — who grew up in Texas — wears make-up religiously…especially lipstick.

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