Episode 48: Indoor Space, Outside

Take it outside! Isn’t that what your mom always told you? And weren’t you happy to comply? B-Side‘s Tamara Keith brings us stories about what happens when inside space becomes outside space. Originally aired in November 2006.


Liner Notes

Life on the Deck: Sarah Baughn
We take for granted that our lives are private when we’re at home. Producer Sarah Baughn willingly admits that she walks around in her underwear, has long personal conversations with friends, and even yells at her pets and partners over silly things. She just happens to do all these things and more — outdoors — on her back deck.

Block Party: Eve Abrams
On a certain block in Brooklyn, on Union Street just before the Gowanus Canal, the row houses all have stoops. And come the warm weather, some of the old-timers, most of them Italian – migrate outside their houses most of the day and night. This past summer, a few Union Street natives got to missing an old childhood tradition, and they organized the first block party in twelve years. Eve Abrams prepared this story about the neighborhood she calls home.

Ralph’s Story: Chana Joffe-Walt
What if you didn’t have a home to go to at night? B-side producer Chana Joffe-Walt followed one homeless man to see what kind of personal space he could find on the streets of Seattle.

Lindy Hop in the Park: Claudine Zap
Dancing in the streets. It has a nice ring to it, but it’s something that maybe you’ve only seen in movies, like Gene Kelly in Singin’ in the Rain. But for a group of die-hard ballroom dancers in San Francisco, outside is where they want to be to get their groove on. The stage is a blacktop in Golden Gate Park. Their dancing shoes are sneakers. And the big-band music is piped in through a portable sounds system. Producer Claudine Zap stopped by for an al fresco swing dance lesson.

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