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Episode 23: California State Fair

In October 2003 B-Side took its listeners to the California State Fair. We filled up on fried foods, rode some rides, and played some games. But that’s not all – we also went to

Episode 22: Potluck

Grab a chicken kabob and a beer, find a sunny spot to sit and kick back for B-Side’s end of summer potluck (which originally aired in September 2003). It’s a veritable smorgasbord of quirky

Episode 21: Battlefields at Home

This episode first aired in August 2003. Here’s how we described it at the time: With so much focus on conflict in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and now Liberia, it’s easy to overlook the battles we

Episode 20: Going Somewhere, Going Nowhere

As the saying goes – it’s not the destination – it’s the journey. On this episode of B-Side from May 2003, we bring you stories of personal journeys. This episode was hosted by Mia Lobel.

B-Side’s History, One Tweet At a Time

B-Side’s Tamara Keith took to twitter to tell the story of this scrappy little show that was podcasting before podcasting even existed.

Episode 18: Books

Whether you’re into science fiction or fantasy, romance or historical analysis, books are the way in. In this episode of B-Side from March 2003, we hear stories about people with a passion for the

Episode 17: What’s In a Name?

We have it from the day we’re born until the day we die. It may change, but it’s always with us in one form or another. On this edition of B-side from February 2003, we